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Seeking God's Power -- A look at God's words in Philippians 3.1-11
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This message began with the exhortation to us that we need to know the power of God, should know the power of God, and that God wants us to know this power.  The underlying emphasis seemed to be that if you are a good Christian then you will know the power of God, be a person of power.

Our text was announced, we turned to Philippians 3.10 and read "I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death."

The point of emphasis was knowing the power of Christ's resurrection.  We should desire to know the power of God, to live powerful lives.

From there we turned to approximately six other passages
that were intended to substantiate "from the Word of God" our potential to know the power of God, our need (duty) to live in God's power and how to do that.

As I remember I do not believe we came back to our original, announced text.

In this study I will basically show us some of what we missed that day because:

1)  The preacher had his mind set on what he wanted to get across before he examined the text.
2)  The preacher did not stay with the text.
3)  Because he did not stay with the text he did not preach the text.
4)  Because he did not preach the text we did not hear what God would have told us from this text.

Now we will see why!  Please turn to
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The purpose of this study is to give an example regarding what we can receive from God through our Bible study if we will submit ourselves to learning (humility), apply a few principles (diligence) and allow God to speak (trust).

I am currently compiling a study "
When God's Word Becomes God's Words" in which I hope to teach and share these principles.  You can view the beginning stages of "When God's Word Becomes God's Words" by clicking the hyperlink above.

This study will begin by examining a message I heard on Philippians 3.10 concerning the believer's need (even duty) to know the power of God.   
We will then develop the text and see what we may have heard that day had the preacher followed a few simple principles.