Recommended Books
The Pressure's Off, Dr. Larry Crabb

As was "Inside Out" a great help to me in the late 1980's, "The Pressure's Off" promises to be just as significant.

For me (dave) personally, Dr. Crabb articulates much of what God has been building in my life over the years and much of what troubles me about the hope and help we give one another in the Church as far as what God has provided for us to live in a way that pleases him.

I am a little fish in a small pond, but if my words mean anything to you give this book some thoughtful consideration.

I  checked out the excerpts and was surprised how fast they loaded after I received the warning when I published them.  However, I have DSL.  If you have a dial-up, please let me know if the load time is acceptable.  Thanks, d

Excerpts will take a while to load because of their size; I received a warning when publishing pages; I will do this a different way in the future so if you cannot read the excerpts my apologies.  I will try to fix this tomorrow (4-1-3).