I will try to explain. 

  Here is my proposition:
Worship is bowing down before God, honoring him.
It seems that at times we are more caught up in the experience of the worship service than we are in worshiping God.  We have to remember it's about God, not about me. 

Hmmm. . .Where have I heard that before?

Do I bow before God?
Do I enter his
Am I seeking to come before God or to merely be
   distracted from my world?
Am I doing
what pleases me or what pleases God when
   it comes to worship?

They say, "To honor you we. . . We humbled ourselves to honor you. . ." But the LORD says, "You do what pleases yourselves on these special days. . ." (Isaiah 58:3 NCV)

  One very important word:
The most used word in the Bible for worship is the Hebrew word "
shachah" (transliterated form).  This word means to "bow down."

"Oh come, let us worship
[shachah] and bow down [shachah]; Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker."    (Psalms 95:6 NKJV)

We must see that our worship service has to be more than something that takes our mind off our problems.

Worship will do that in a sense by bringing us into the presence of God.  And as we bow before him we gain or regain our perspective.

When I am drawn into the sanctuary of God, I
see more clearly than I ever have before.  I can now face the pain.

When I thought how to understand this,
It was too painful for me;

Until I went into the sanctuary of God;
Then I understood their end.

(Psalms 73.16-17 NKJV)
Worship God, not worship worship!
So, dave, what do you mean?
"Worship God, not worship worship."

Worship that merely distracts --
Our problems are waiting for us in the parking lot.

Worship that focuses on God --
Our problems are waiting for us in the parking lot and so is God.  In fact, he walked out to the car with us.

Worship that merely distracts --
We become activity junkies, we become attached to style -- have to sing gospel songs loud and fast, or have to have contemporary music, or have to sing the traditional hymns -- our ability to worship is locked into style and tradition whether old or new

Worship that focuses on God --
Since our primary goal is to bow before God, we do not have an unwarranted attachment to style and tradition.  We can sing fast and slow, loud and soft, gospel songs, great hymns of the faith, praise choruses, contemporary, traditional

Worship that merely distracts --
Limited, restricted, driven. . .

Worship that focuses on God --
God's "free and clear" plan, Spirit and truth