Maybe you've heard the joke  comparing the professing Church to Noah's ark during the flood:

We couldn't take the smell inside if it were not for what was going on outside.    Chuckle. Chuckle.

So I'm wondering if it's time to do something about the smell.
You may be interested in this site if. . .
you want to worship God
you want to worship God and grow in your worship; you are more interested in worshiping God than worshiping worship;

you want to experience God, not an experience

you want to hear the words of God
you are interested in the plain, simple, yet powerful teaching of the Word of God; but you want God's words not someone else's soapbox or borrowed theology or religious patriotism packaged up as God's truth; more God's words, less Sunday School rhetoric

you want God, yes, that's it, you want God

But. . . but you are tired of all the cr!%*&#  oops, I didn't mean that, yes I did

you want to do something real with your life
nothing more real than living in a way that pleases God; nothing more in line with reality than sharing God's truth of salvation with someone searching for forgiveness and life

you want some hope. . .and help, I know I do,
Where are those people we can share the trail with?

you do not want to manipulate or be manipulated, emotionally or otherwise

you do not want lied to

you do not want patronized

you want to move past the cliche barrier and truly bring glory to God no matter what.

you wonder if sometimes we should be more concerned about gossip in the Church than liberalism in the media.

you want to. . .???

you want to. . .???
You may be interested in this site if. . .

Jeremiah 9
12  I asked, "Is there anyone around bright enough to tell us what's 
      going on here? Anyone who has the inside story from GOD and
      can let us in on it?
     "Why is the country wasted?
     "Why no travelers in this desert?"
13  GOD's answer: "
Because they abandoned my plain teaching.
They wouldn't listen to anything I said, refused to live the way I
      told them to.
14  Instead they lived any way they wanted and took  up with the
     Baal gods, who they thought would give them what they 
      wanted--following the example of their parents."