Journal Entries

Over the last several years since I left the pastorate I still continued to read and write and reflect filling up one notebook after the other sometimes wondering why but almost always feeling as if I didn't have a choice in the matter.  I had to put ink to paper and make my best attempt at describing my journey closer to God.  Here is some of that.

A couple of notes probably worth mentioning here.  First, I am not on an ego trip as to the thoughts I have recorded in these journals, I just wrote stuff down, a sojourner along the way thinking that it may help another traveler of life to hear his description of his particular part of the path at that particular time.   It seems to help to see the honest reflections of faith of a fellow pilgrim.  Isn't that what we see over and over again in the Psalms?

Which leads me to my second note.  What I hope to do is record your thoughts here also.  Yes, that's right, display them for all to see and maybe some to help.

So here's an honest effort to help you, friend.  Blessed may you be.
Journal 2001
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