About "dave"

Visited a couple sites where the person shared some personal info and some pics; thought it was a good idea; so here. . .
Brief background

Have lived in the Terre Haute, Indiana area the majority of my life, which is now fifty years.

Moved to the Chicago area in 1980 for formal education:

A.A.       Morton College
A.L.S.    Morton College
B.A.       Moody Bible Institute
M.A.      Moody Graduate School

Pastored four churches in Indiana, Wyoming, Michigan.

Moved back to Terre Haute in 1996; have worked as a heavy equipment operator since April 1996; I'm a "loader guy"  :)

Wife (Kerry) of 31 years; four children -- one daughter, three sons, youngest still at home

Play the piano & guitar, sing, write music. . .

I love taking pictures. . .rabbits and squirrels, birds and chipmunks in our back yard; grandchildren and family; and flowers -- I love my wife's flowers. . .I think older people like these things, don't they?  :)