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This is the best hosting service I have found.  They offer a variety of packages and an unbelievable free software offer.  It is easier and less expensive to have your own site than what you might think possible.
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I have decided to add a commercial page promoting software that I use and would recommend.  This is a profit-making venture which I have avoided in the past to not give the impression that I was doing this for the money, but if I could generate enough money to allow me to cut down my hours at work, this would be extremely helpful in keeping the site more up-to-date and expanding the services.

I still plan to have links to free software and services.  I intend to expand this also.

Let me know what you think.


PS  I have more offers in process from
Pandasoftware (anti-virus, firewall, etc) and from Uniblue (backup, system monitoring).  I also will be linking with web.com my other hosting provider.
Click on any of the links and purchase software
or others services and I get a commission.
AdsGone Popup Blocker
This is an excellent product that blocks adds and more.  Better than what MS offers.  Also offers some spyware protection.
Dave's Affiliate Programs
UltraPdf is an exciting, new way to publish and share digital photographs, PDF, HTML and Microsoft Office documents. UltraPdf binds multiple photos and documents into a single, indexed UPDF file making it easy to organize and distribute digital photo albums, project documents and presentations. PhotoShare is the first of our specialized products to take advantage of the UPDF format, specifically designed for managing and emailing your digital images.

UltraPDF displays UPDF files in the Web browser. A content index appears to the left of the photo and document frame. Users create UltraPdf documents by selecting photos, PDF, HTML, Flash and Office documents and arranging them in an index. UltraPdf compresses the photos and documents and index into a UPDF file suitable for publishing online, sharing or archiving.

UltraPdf includes support for automated slide shows and a choice of transitions including dissolves, fades and wipes. UltraPdf is available as a free download (180K).
pdf995 is great; haven't tried the others yet. 

All the software from 995 is available for free download; full version; no expiration.